Most frequent questions and answers

To buy any ED product at alledmedicine.com you just have to place your order then within 30 minutes you will get an paypal link to pay for your order, then just click the link and pay with your PayPal Account or Credit Card or Debit Card.

As we advertise we do give 105% Lowest Price Guarantee to our customers. If you find somewhere else that they provide these medicine cheaper from us then we will give you 30 Pills free with your order!

Step 1 : Find the online pharmacy which sell cheaper then us.
Step 2: Place your order there.
Step 3 : Share that product url and your order details with us at alledmedicines@gmail.com.
Step 4: We will varify if that online pharmacy is legal.
Then if we check and find they provide cheaper then us then we will send 30 pills free whenever you want us to ship.
Note: If you find cheaper pharmacy from us within a week of purchasing us then also we will give you 30 pills free.

We Take 12 to Maximum 20 Days to Ship in All The Countries.

Your product will come from India or Singapore by USPS or DHL or India Post Shipping Service.

You will get your #tracking_number within 12 – 18 hours to your given email and mobile number.
Note: If you place your order on Saturday or Sunday then you will get tracking on Monday.

We accept payment through PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card and Western Union.

  1. If you buy with paypal, debit or credit card above $99 then we will give you 20 pills free.
  2. If you order above $299 then you will get free shipping.
  3. If you reorder on alledmedicine then you will get 10% discount.
  4. 30 Pills free under 105% Lowest Price Guarantee.