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Lovegra or Ladygra 100mg – Have a look on its working, dose regime, Precautions and warnings


Generic Viagra female is an experimentally planned tablet that is expected for use by females to adapt to female impotency issues. It is otherwise called Lovegra or Ladygra. However, in a Generic Viagra female the Sildenafil is defined to treat the impotency issue of the female reproductive organ. This pill too influences use of the chemical, Sildenafil citrate that is used to treat the male erectile dysfunction issues. It sharpens the female reproductive organ and the areas surrounding it by expanding the blood stream to that area.


Generic Viagra Female enhances the supply related with blood to the feminine reproductive system and lifts the affectability in the region surrounding the feminine reproductive system. Period taken by this medicine to demonstrate the impact originates from 45 minutes to no less than 60 minutes. Ladygra (Female Generic Viagra) works by improving the blood course to the female reproductive system. It is found out that diminished blood supply to the feminine reproductive system during affection making session is the purpose behind the diminished affectability of feminine reproductive organ and in addition excitement issues in females.

Lovegra quiets the muscles inside the female reproductive system, in this way the corridors here gets open and the blood supply to the reproductive system is hoisted prompting the treatment of sporadic working of a lady’s reproductive system during affection making. It displays the impact for around four to six hours. Anyway the planning for its impact may differ depends upon the individual needs and dose used. Its substance has Sildenafil citrate which acts proficiently to upgrade the delight in females.


The prescribed serving of Female Generic Viagra is Ladygra 100 mg for each day and no less than 1 hour before the adoration making action. Avoid the fat dinners before the adoration making activity generally the dose of the medicine can have a late outcome. It should be taken using the full glass of water since it encourages the fixings to break up rapidly in your body and demonstrate its belongings. If 100 mg of the medicine isn’t demonstrating the outcome you’ll have the capacity to help the dose of the medication to 200 mg for every day except simply subsequent to looking for your doctor’s recommendation. If it’s not too much trouble remember that these pills aren’t a sexual enhancer. Accordingly, the inclination and want to have love-production is basic with this solution to show its impact.

Overdose of the medicine on a reliable premise may cause extreme lethargies or sudden heart occasion that at long last outcomes in death.

Look for crisis therapeutic help or contact a doctor promptly if you see these indications of Femalegra or Ladygra overdose: irregular or quick heart beat; serious wooziness; blacking out; sickness or regurgitating; feeling unsteady; or agony in chest.

Side effects

  • Headache
  • Blurry vision
  • diarrhoea
  • Issues related to the blood pressure
  • Facial flushing.


  • Excessive intake related with liquor on reliable premise can demonstrate you hold off in the treating the issues of affectability inside female reproductive body organ.
  • It needs to not be taken through the females who are excessively touchy to Sildenafil Citrate.
  • Excessive use of liquor effects the working of this medicine.
  • Individual having the historical backdrop of high/low circulatory any circulation system issues, strain level, stroke, for example, the leukaemia ailment or sickle cell weakness, the acquired eye circumstance called retinitis pigmentose, liver or even kidney issues, or even heart conditions should look for Consult from a doctor before taking Lovegra.
  • Try not to drive or pursue any apparatus right taking Lovegra in light of the fact that it causes dazedness and in addition sleepiness.


  • Store it far from coordinate daylight and dampness.
  • Clean free condition is fundamental for the capacity of this medication, so please store it in hermetically sealed holder.
  • Stay this away from the reach of children.


  • Medications containing nitrates, specifically nitroglycerine should be maintained a strategic distance from alongside the bland Viagra female. Your blood levels to drop to perilous levels due to intake of Ladygra and nitroglycerine together.
  • Heart assault, stroke, or wooziness is noted in some cases.
  • If you don’t mind consult your doctor or the drug doctor to know more medications containing nitrates.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from the intake of this pill, if you needn’t bother with it. It would be ideal if you take the doctor’s remedy before beginning the dose.

Consult the doctor before taking Lovegra if you are pregnant.

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